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You can find the seasonal pricing information of per house below:

General site plan.

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Details & Photos of B1

FromToAmountDurationMinimum Stay
01/0431/05£630.00Weekly3 nights
01/0630/06£770.00Weekly3 nights
01/0731/08£840.00Weekly3 nights
01/0930/09£770.00Weekly3 nights
01/1031/10£630.00Weekly3 nights
01/1131/03£490.00Weekly3 nights

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Price Table for A1-B2-B3

Price Table for A1 B2 B3

Same charges apply for these rentals
FromToAmountDurationMinimum Stay
01/0431/05£420.00Weekly3 nights
01/0630/06£525.00Weekly3 nights
01/0731/08£595.00Weekly3 nights
01/0930/09£525.00Weekly3 nights
01/1031/10£420.00Weekly3 nights
01/1131/03£350.00Weekly3 nights

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Price Table for A3

FromToAmountDurationMinimum Stay
01/0431/05£315.00Weekly3 nights
01/0630/06£425.00Weekly3 nights
01/0731/08£470.00Weekly3 nights
01/0931/09£425.00Weekly3 nights
01/1031/10£315.00Weekly3 nights
01/1131/03£250.00Weekly3 nights

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Price Table for B6

FromToAmountDurationMinimum Stay
01/0431/05£350.00Weekly3 nights
01/0630/06£475.00Weekly3 nights
01/0731/08£525.00Weekly3 nights
01/0930/09£475.00Weekly3 nights
01/1031/10£350.00Weekly3 nights
01/1131/03£280.00Weekly3 nights

All prices are £/week

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